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Video Plays Big on Super Sunday

The first weekend of February is an exciting one for people worldwide, especially those who enjoy football as the National Football League (NFL) plays its annual championship game. Now in its 51st edition, the game drives attention in all areas of popular culture and media, from the national anthem to prop bets to the cost of one 30 second ad.

Up until last year, where I watched the game on my iPad, much of my viewing was confined to the television. However, as times have changed and video has become a main driver of attention and customer engagement, viewers can watch from numerous platforms.

The Visual Era

While YouTube has been around since 2005, video has only become a recent phenomenon with the rise of cloud computing. Everyone, including local television stations, political figures, and viral media stars now use video to get their point across, as opposed to traditional methods like text. Much of this has been made available through the proliferation of cloud technologies, supported by data centers which can handle the traffic and content load.

If data is correct, video is only going to get bigger. According to independent advisory firm Blue Hill Research, video data is expected to make up 80% of global IP traffic and at least 9,000 hours if video (almost a year’s worth) is uploaded every 20 minutes. That means nearly 72 years of video is being uploaded every single day.

Video and Digital Transformation

Video will once again be the leading driver of interest and engagement this coming Sunday, but it’s not just the game that will lead. While viewers can get their media fix on numerous platforms, it’s the interaction piece that really sets the experience apart, including frictionless social sharing, in-game conversation, and the ability to grab data from anywhere, any place. The currency of this after all, is attention.

For strategic leaders who understand the value of video, the technologies, angles, and interaction used this Sunday will be important to advancing their business forward. From the regular quarterly business review to the company promotional video, leveraging visual media is important for awareness, pride, and recognition in the marketplace. Attention however, is a challenge here too.

Luckily there is a solution. IBM is a leader in artificial intelligence with Watson, in which they have created software tools to help discover what users really want, support live reactions from viewers, and unlock deep insights that production teams may not have considered before. With these tools in hand, producers are better than ever equipped to deliver live value while retaining engagement and interaction.

Not a bad way to win a big game or defeat the competition if you ask me.

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