How Oil and Gas Can Innovate in the Cloud

Among the industries few think about when it comes to cloud is that of oil and gas. Basic in its nature, many don’t even think about it until the weather gets cold or their car is on the last bits of mileage.

That said, the way the industry thinks about the cloud may be looking at the face of change. With the 2014 Oil Collapse still fresh on the minds of industry executives, many may be looking at ways to innovate as far as how they operate their businesses, namely in the areas of cost and operational efficiency. As we’ve discussed on this blog prior, cloud fits that narrative perfectly.

Let’s explore why:

  • The Emphasis on Speed: The demand for energy is near instantaneous in the modern day, and cloud brings that opportunity for oil and gas producers. From notifications of downtime to communications between offices, energy-driven organizations will be able to respond to the needs of customers at a much faster rate.
  • Operations vs Capital: Oil and gas organizations already face high capital costs with the need to build assets that mine for resources. To make matters easier, cloud transitions already-existing IT costs from capital to operations costs and the availability of hybrid cloud arrangements can only help lower already skyrocketing overall finances.
  • The Oil of Things: Imagine the idea of a smart rig which has the ability to automatically notify home headquarters of any changes in oil acquisition including the detection of leaks. Much like its counterpart in consumer devices, turning oil-centric activities into an IoT-based device not only increases accuracy, but also reduces the chances of human error.

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Albert Qian

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