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CMOs’ Perspectives on Digital Transformation in 2017 [Adobe CMO Survey]

Did you hear enough about digital transformation in 2016?  Besides the U.S. presidential election, digital transformation was a big topic for a lot of companies.  Now that we have entered 2017, is digital transformation a fad, or is there more to come?
According to Adobe, digital transformation will be a hot topic again in 2017!  So lets not think of it as a fad.  It’s extremely important that companies understand what digital transformation is all about and begin to implement transformation if they haven’t already.

What makes up a digital transformation effort?

Over at, a publication by Adobe, they have identified digital transformation as a top priority for 2017. In Adobe’s survey, customer experience tops the list of areas that need to be addressed.  In the survey, 1 in 5 marketers think that customer experience is the most exciting opportunity they are pursuing.

Additionally, 83% of marketers think that customer experience is central to their role.

When you think about customer experience, you may naturally gravitate to a web site design or user interface.  But customer experience is so much more.  You may design a great looking site, but if you can’t deliver products on time, your customer experience is poor.  If you can’t tell a consumer if a product is available at your store, they will look for it elsewhere.
So customer experience and digital transformation are not just for marketers to think about.  Leadership and management are critically important to making transformation happen across the enterprise and not just in one department.  In the Adobe survey, 80% of the marketing executives think they need to restructure to better support the business.
Technology planning has to be at the center of your digital transformation effort too – after all it is digital transformation.  Data is vitally important to manage – to understand customer behavior, to anticipating their needs and wants.   Marketing leaders are three times more likely to make decisions based on comprehensive data than are market laggards.
At Perficient, we remain focused on helping clients with digital transformation – you can learn more about what we’re doing on this blog as well as on our Digital Transformation blog.

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