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Creating XML Files Using Hierarchical Stage in IBM Datastage

XML files, being the most popular way for data transportation, could be the most sought ought way by many clients for moving the data around. Hence, it becomes inevitable for one to know how to create/parse/transform XML files in an ETL tool like IBM datastage. In this blog, we will look at how we could create an XML file out of simple flat files using data stage ETL stage Hierarchical Data.

About Hierarchical Data stage

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The Hierarchical Data stage is available in the Real Time section of the palette in the IBM® InfoSphere® DataStage® and QualityStage® Designer. You can use the Hierarchical Data stage in parallel jobs not in server jobs. In parallel jobs, the Hierarchical Data stage can have multiple input and output links. You can use the Hierarchical Data stage as source stage, which has only output links; a middle stage, which has both input and output links; or a target stage, which has only input links.

This transformer is used for parsing and composing XML/JSON data, transforming hierarchical data format, and integrating external applications by consuming HTTP REST services

Please refer the link below for detailed step by step procedure on
Creating a XML file using – Composer and HJoin steps within hierarchical datastage



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