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[FREE GUIDE]: Discover the Potential of Cloud Integration

Cloud presents a unique challenge for organizations still reaping the benefits of their legacy on-premises assets. As the competition emerges in cloud-native and hybrid cloud solutions, those who continue to operate in the status quo find themselves in an odd middle ground.

One of those challenges is the management of customer data. As consumers engage with organizations in a variety of ways, storing data on-premise becomes an expensive task, particularly with the emerging threat of data breaches and data loss due to human error and natural disaster. Thus, integrating with systems that bridge legacy systems with the cloud can be a real game changer.

The benefits however, don’t just end there. As we’ve observed in numerous verticals, cloud integration services can also bridge the gap between legacy systems and patient platforms in healthcare, provide educational institutions new ways to teach students, and new ways for information technology organizations to collect and contextualize customer data.

It’s for these reasons why we’ve partnered up with Dell Boomi to offer AtomSphere, the Forrester Wave leader for Dynamic Integration (Q3 2016) and Hybrid Integration (Q4 2016). With numerous connectivity opportunities provided at a low price, your organization can stay agile and nimble against the competition and during challenging economic times. We’ve even written a guide that explores the importance of cloud integration and Dell’s platform, exploring:

  • Why cloud integration is a trend to watch in the coming years
  • How iPaaS enables technology optimization
  • How Dell Boomi AtomSphere enables organizations to get the most out of their IT

If your organization is looking to make the most of your on-premises implementations in combination with the latest cloud innovations, download the guide today and reach out to us at for a conversation. We look forward to discussing how your organization can achieve its greatest technology potential.

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