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Google Data Studio Beta Available to All Google Analytics Users

Google Data Studio is a new tool within the suite of Google’s digital solutions which users can leverage to build fully customized digital reporting. It is now available to all users, with a limit of 5 dashboards at the free level. However, users of Data Studio 360, which is the premium offering, may create up to 1,000 reports.
Data Connectors are one of the key features of Data Studio, through which valuable data sources can be imported and combined into one report. Google Analytics, DoubleClick, BigQuery, and YouTube are just a few of the many data sources presently available. Google Sheets can also be integrated, allowing for other data sources to be manually integrated and customized.

Once data sources have been connected, Data Studio offers many ways to display and customize reporting templates to provide the most useful digital information. With built-in chart type alternatives, and the ability to create and readily edit text boxes, as well as the capability to utilize various images, shapes, colors, fonts, and more, reports can be tailored to the particular brand and visual preferences.

This release of Data Studio allows you to take your data – which holds the key to better decision making for your company – and turn it into custom, interactive dashboards. Creating these reports, that are easy to understand and engaging, will help you discover and provide answers to your most important questions.
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