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Top Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2017: Data + Personalized Experiences

In the increasingly noisy world of communication channels and touch points, marketers realize it takes a lot more than a creative campaign to stand out from the competition. Knowing your customers and creating an experience that’s second to none are essential.
According to eConsultancy:

Every customer is on their own unique journey… marketers can ‘own’ that moment by using technology to harvest and interpret data to create contextual experiences triggered by customer behavior, not by their best guess.

In 2017, the application of actionable insights to improve the customer journey will matter more than ever. Here’s what the experts from our Adobe consultancy practice had to say about this trend.

Trend #3 – Brands must leverage data to improve the customer journey with personalized experiences

Over the past few years, marketing is experiencing rapid change as evidenced by an increase in new communication channels, which has created a flood of new data. This trend has led to the explosion of tools available to help manage the customer experience across millions of personal devices, social, and physical touch points.
The value of creating and delivering personalized experiences allows you to better engage prospects and convert them to customers, and every digital touch point will be an opportunity for personalization. When customers feel that you know them as an individual, they will bring more lifetime value to your company through ongoing sales and brand advocacy.

What’s the takeaway?

“One growing trend we’re seeing is that successful companies tend to pull digital experience outside of the organization and evaluate it independently,” says Dan Klco, Adobe Digital Marketing Solution Lead, Perficient Digital. “When you look at the experience and work to create a solution that’s informed by the business – but not controlled by it – you’ll get different a different result.”

We will see more brands willing to make the necessary organizational improvements to operate with a customer focused mentality by leveraging digital marketing platforms and all customer feedback (both positive and negative) to create truly personalized experiences.

Download our latest guide, Top Six Digital Marketing Trends for 2017, and learn how to make these trends a reality for your business in the new year and beyond.

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