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Video: Improving First Interactions for Learning Care Group

Customer Experience and Design - Build a Better Customer Experience with AEM on Microsoft Azure
Build a Better Customer Experience with AEM on Microsoft Azure

Businesses leveraging the two technologies together would now be able to harness their data for critical insights and predictions, connect customer touchpoints across their business, and drive brand loyalty and growth.

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When children are engaged in constructive play and learning from an early age, they have a lifetime of benefits – like improved academic performance throughout their educational career, a love of learning, and improved emotional development. That’s why Learning Care Group is committed to creating state-of-the-art facilities with the latest technology and expert-driven curriculum.
To match the advanced experience it provides each child, Learning Care Group wanted to reimagine its first interactions with prospective families – online, over the phone, and in person. See how we worked with them to develop custom applications that improved the customer experience for families and led to higher conversion rates.


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