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Year in Review: Your Favorite Digital Experience Posts of 2016

As 2016 draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on all that happened with Digital Experience Platforms. Let’s recap the most-read posts for the year:

10 | (Re)defining Enterprise Search

Enterprise Search is transitioning to something more broad and powerful. It now means reducing friction in your business operations.

9 | Google Search Appliance Change Brings Opportunity

What’s next now that Google has decided to sunset the hardware-based Google Search Appliance to focus on cloud-based solutions?

8 | Four New Invaluable Translation Features in AEM 6.2

In advance of Adobe Experience Manager 6.2, Adobe has released a number of interesting updates to AEM’s translation feature to improve the user experience.

7 | Artificial Intelligence Could Replace Traditional Search

Artificial Intelligence is very good at classifying information. Could AI eventually replace traditional document search algorithms?

6 | Three Disadvantages of Cloud-Based Search Engines

To make the most educated decision for your business, make sure you consider issues around control, data privacy, and network bandwidth.

5 | Three Advantages of Cloud-Based Search Engines

What factors are prompting the growth of cloud-based search engines? And why are vendors continuing to go in this direction?

4 | AEM Infrastructure Series: Disaster Recovery Basics

Why redundancy and disaster recovery should be part of your Adobe Experience Manager stand-ups

3 | Using Frontend Technologies like Node, Grunt, and Sass with AEM

Adobe Experience Manager provides some out of the box functionality that allows developers to use Node, Grunt, and Sass plugins.

2 | Coveo Reveal is a Game Changer

See the beauty behind Coveo Reveal’s machine learning algorithms.

1 | My Initial Impressions of Google’s Cloud Vision API

How Google Cloud Vision API and artificial intelligence are impacting image search within digital asset management systems.
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