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How I Used CA MAS and the FHIR Developer Portal for a Healthcare iOS Demo

If you stopped by our Perficient booth at CA World, you would have seen our “Healthee Hub” healthcare demo running on our big screen. The iOS app was developed for the event to showcase CA technologies including CA Mobile Application Services and the CA Mobile API Gateway. The objective was to demo some capabilities to provide an edgy feature set to improve patient and provider relationships with FHIR.

Tech Specifics:

The application was built with Swift 3 and integrated with the MAS SDKs found on From the technology stack we integrated the Single Sign On options from the MAG, and Encryption, Storage, and Push Notifications from MAS. The FHIR data was pulled from the CA SaaS FHIR Developer portal which allowed the demo to access Patient, and Test data via REST API.

Provider Story

Healthee healthcare providers are saving money with new changes to patient intake and patient relationships. The Healthee Hub App from Perficient and CA Technologies manages updated records via EMR communication from patients to provide the latest health insurance information, patient updates, and medical records without any gaps. Healthcare providers can manage appointments through a mobile app, save time by posting test results online, and provide patients with referrals and pertinent information like latest visit information.

Healthee Hub is also enrolling patients into Apple Research Kit studies, which helps identify and measure patients’ health and wellness. Paired with Fitbit or assigned patient devices, Healthee Hub with updated EMR provides a measurement of how well prepared a patient is to undergo treatment or a procedure, or can provide data insight on immediate health concerns. Healthee Hub improves patient and provider relationships by delivering an engaging platform and more concise patient care.

Patient Story

Healthee Hub is helping patients move into a paperless age. Digitally updated EMR records for each patient saves both the provider and patient time and money. Patients will carry their latest information to every visit, without any missing files or delayed paperwork that occurs with in-network ACOs or health insurance networks.

Patients can access data via secure mobile single sign-on, and from there can view upcoming appointments with any of their healthcare providers.

There is no barrier between patients and their healthcare data. Rather than waiting to receive a phone call from their provider, patients can access test results via a mobile app, anywhere, anytime. Any prescriptions will also display, and patients can conveniently fill them from the app.

Patients can also be referred to a new healthcare provider regardless of network or location. The patient can request a transfer from his or her current healthcare provider, and the necessary HIPAA signatures and paperwork are completed through the app to reduce intake time and risk of information. The transfer approval is relayed between the EMR and the new provider, with necessary and approved paperwork automatically being sent to the new appointment location. When the patient arrives, all test results, records, and family history are already provided, saving significant time.

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