Perficient + Adobe Play Key Roles in Award-Winning Website Redesign

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Recently, Cardinal Health, one of our healthcare clients, received Modern Health’s Marketing IMPACT award for the latest redesign of its website. I was personally involved in the release, so it carries a point of pride for me.
However, it’s interesting to note the technology underpinnings that made the redesign a reality. It’s Adobe all the way – Adobe Experience Manager serves as the experience management platform, Adobe Analytics captures customer-driven analytics, and Adobe Target’s recommendation engine drives product recommendations.
Now, I realize that just using a world-class platform like Adobe doesn’t bring world-class designs to life. I mean, you still have to implement the technology, and you have to do it correctly. Specifically for Adobe, it means creating a well-rounded, holistic solution that allows marketers to create and deploy content marketing campaigns faster and monitor the feedback loops on those campaigns with the right customer-driven analytics metrics.
What our team did for Cardinal Health wasn’t a solution designed on just experience management, or just analytics, or just targeting tools. It was a comprehensive design that took all three into account, and because of our approach to the work, Cardinal Health recognized some serious benefits. They reduced their overall time to market for content delivery by over 400%. They also now have analytics reports that are specific to a user’s journey throughout the experience, rather than just simple web analytics.  Content and product recommendations are based on the overall journey as well. It’s really neat to see because I always find fresh content every time I visit the site, and I am reminded that the effectiveness of that content is constantly being measured and assessed, which was one of the main guiding principles we followed in the design.
While it’s been over a year since the release, Cardinal Health’s website redesign is a flagship Adobe implementation that deserves all the accolades it receives both now and in the future.

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