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Why Enterprise SEO Is So Challenging – Here’s Why #97


These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise SEO. It’s continuing mission: to explore strange new algorithm changes, to seek out new ranking opportunities, to boldly go where no SEO has gone before!
If you’re involved with SEO at a large company, you face a unique set of challenges. In this video from our Here’s Why series, find out what some of those challenges are, and some strategies for turning them into opportunities at your company.

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Mark: Eric, at SMX East this year, you covered a section on SEO at the enterprise level for search engine land. Now, in a very real sense, I mean, SEO is SEO, right? I mean, whether you’re doing it for a mommy blogger website or a million-plus site of a major brand.
Eric: Sure, the basic principles are the same. But SEO at the enterprise level has its own set of unique challenges.
Mark: So, for example?
Eric: Okay, a small site’s SEO might be handled by a single individual. At a large company, SEO could be a centralized team or distributed teams working within different divisions or product teams or some combination of those two.
Mark: And, of course, at that level, there might be an agency involved as well.
Eric: Yes. And, how much of that SEO work is done by the agency will vary widely as well.
Mark: So what are some of the particular challenges those variations create?
Eric: Well, one is in the area of authority. A solo SEO comes up with a plan of what needs to be done and then simply executes it. But at the enterprise level, you’re always dealing with internal structures where it might not be clear who can enforce which of the SEO team’s recommendations will be carried out.
Enterprise SEOs must understand their organizations
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Mark: Here at Perficient Digital, we help some of the largest eCommerce sites on the web with their SEO. So we must encounter these challenges ourselves.
Eric: We sure do, which means you aren’t always g0ing to get every recommendation implemented. We’ve learned you have to accept a certain amount of this, and we have to do our best to help the in-house team succeed as far as they can.
Mark: And I believe you’ve said that another challenge is in the area of standards?
Eric: Yes. When there are many different parties involved, it can be hard to maintain a consistent approach across the entire organization. This is hardest when some of the product and service teams have their own SEO staff, regardless of whether there is a central group or not.
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Mark: So how do you overcome that?
Eric: Well, I think the best defense against mixed standards is the offense of constant education about SEO everywhere you can and as often as you can within the company.
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Mark: So good advice, Eric. And I highly recommend you check out Eric’s full coverage of the enterprise SEO session from SMX East. You share some more challenges there, Eric, as well as seven solution strategies.
Eric: Yes, I do. And thanks, Mark.
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