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Citi Goes For The Gold With Its New Mobile-First App

Several years ago, Citigroup formed a FinTech group that is dedicated to developing new offerings that bleed with innovation. One of the first solutions to come out of Citi FinTech happens to be a mobile app for its Citigold credit card members.

Citigold is a pure wealth management offering that targets affluent and emerging affluent individuals who have the ability to invest at least $200,000. The program has a number of exclusive benefits, including dedicated relationship managers and financial planning advisors.

Citi’s new mobile app is loaded with features that wealthier customers prefer, such as access to their investment and retail bank accounts, as well as the ability to call a relationship manager or financial advisor directly from the app. Users can also carry out investment activities, including buying and selling stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds.

The development of the app was a collaborative effort, which included working with startups and several thousand Citigold card members, in order to ensure their needs are being met.

At Perficient, we talk a lot about cloud-first, the notion that most companies prefer to design and deploy applications that are cloud-based. A lesser known term is mobile-first, the idea that solutions are specifically designed with mobile users in mind, as opposed to desktop/web users.

Rather than sitting and watching smaller, and potentially nimbler, FinTech startups eat its lunch, Citi realized it, too, can offer products and services that are just as good. In addition to leveraging a mobile-first approach for the development of the app, the company didn’t hesitate to create something for a small, albeit highly-segmented, audience. It understands the value these customers bring to the table and is doing everything it can to provide them with a great experience.

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