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Oracle Marketing Cloud – The Future of Content Marketing

I attended the final 2016 session with Oracle Product Management today.  The focus was Content Marketing and what is happening in that section of the Oracle Marketing Cloud.  If you are unfamiliar with Content Marketing, think Compendium.  Content Marketing is a way for marketers to plan, create, and distribute content to the right person at the right time via the right channel.  More information regarding Oracle’s Content Marketing platform can be found here.

Today’s session focused on a couple reasons for Content Marketing… (1) about a third of the overall marketing budget is being spent on content1, this doesn’t include headcount, this is only the production and management of content; (2) Most marketers are producing new content for ad hoc or specific campaigns versus repurposing, however the ability to repurpose is due to the lack of insight.  I touched upon this topic in an earlier blog post ‘Controversial Campaign.’

The purpose of Content Marketing is to assist in planning, coordinate collaboration and create the asset to reach the customer.  The platform was built with governance, strategy, management, effectiveness and efficiency as the focus to better manage the content and delivery of content.


  • Strategic Content Planning: Marketing Calendar functionality has been enhanced to include filters on the calendar, allowing different fields to be used so that marketers can drill down effectively and the inclusion of Event Types to better define events and show a consistent way to view and present what the event is on the calendar. Also, it was mentioned that there will be additional enhancements coming to the calendar in 2017!
  • Collaborate on Content: The biggest improvement was the addition of a required field for asset approval that is set by the organization so that asset approval can flow faster and easier. This provides companies that have to adhere to a strict guideline on approvals with a workflow to show this approval process (companies in Pharma or Life Sciences will benefit from this functionality).  Also, there are inline comments and discussions, along with versioning to see who made changes and what changes were made.
  • Sharing Across Channels: Social channels where content is being used.

What’s Coming:

The Content Portal, which sounds really interesting!  It is the ability to distribute content to sales which can be embedded in CRM, shown in Salesforce.  The version of the content and the published date are visible. There’s an ability to expire content that is no longer applicable or out of date.  The portal holds as much or as little as the client sees fit to have accessible, and there is no limit on the number of portals that can be created.  Best of all is an integration to Brightcove, so if you have Brightcove and store videos they can be accessible via the portal.  Each asset has the ability to be shared via social channels or email.  There is filtering in the portal which enables sales to see what assets they are viewing more often and which assets are being sent out frequently.  For marketing, there are permissions that are set within each portal so that it can be determined what can be shared or not shared.

The Content Portal is in Controlled Availability so if you are interested in checking it out, please contact your CSM.

Questions from the session:

  • What is the cost and licensing of the portal? Currently, that hasn’t been determined, however should be available in early 2017.
  • Where can the portal be used? Unlimited number of portals can be created, can be set as a public URL.  Just know that if the user isn’t authenticated that some of the advanced features won’t be available, meaning that if a public URL, some functions won’t be available.
  • What other CRMs will the portal be compatible with? The Portal is responsive and can be embedded in any CRM capable of supporting an external web view.
  • For the Calendar, how is access requested or accessed? The free app is available for Eloqua users on Marketplace.  The Full version within Content Marketing is part of your licensing.

If you would like to listen to the full session, it will be posted on Topliners, or you check it out here.




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