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Top Takeaways from CA World 2016

CA World 2016 was truly a great event this year. My first year in attendance and I was amazed at the level of organization, and presence of CA employees from all organizational hierarchies.  There were great booths for technical presentations of CA products, and information sessions for what is coming next. My main focus is in API Management – I got to meet a lot of great folks behind the products I have been using, and being able to hear that all the feedback the CA team received, is being worked on. Below are 3 key points I really took home with me from Vegas.

Keynotes || Presentations

CA is making waves in 2017

Attending most API Management sessions, and talking to various teams that tie into the API Gateway, including MAG/MAS there are big changes in scope for 2017. There are considerations still under wraps per the presentations for API Management roadmaps, but there are new technologies being integrated into the CA API Gateways. Exciting things for me were more of a cloud presence, furthering integration to Amazon/Azure deployments and provisioning, ajd further management with Docker containers.

CA is there for you

CA employees were everywhere! All of our questions were answered, and CA is leaning heavy into support. Their current online support system already has speedy response times, but with the new SaaS product model CA support will always be there. One great thing is when as a user, or customer, you are able to provide feedback on your experience and developers want to listen, and improve. I had a lot of questions on what I thought about X and Y, or do I use X and Y and how. It is a great experience to know that CA is listening and continuously evolving.

API Management is getting a new look

Finally! The UI overhaul I am sure everyone has been waiting for. Noted in the API Management Roadmap there are Developer UI changes coming next year. This has been a distinguishing factor when comparing to other API Management vendor, and this also goes to show that CA is listening, and big changes are coming next year to end users world wide!

With a full product suite now including CA API Live Creator, and Mobile Application Services, CA is really creating a lot of buzz, and most important – a developer following. A push for open source frameworks, and products, will create a great following and custom solutions.


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