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Important note: This is Part 3 in a series. Please check out Part 1 on Taxonomy and Part 2 on Goals if you have not already.
If you have been following along, you likely have Sitecore goals in place and values assigned to them, along with a maturing marketing taxonomy. Those goals should be delivering a value-per-visit data stream and providing insights into how customers are traversing pages, and if they are completing the goals that are most important to you and your business. If you have some facets assigned to your goals, you can also further see that detailed metric in Sitecore Analytics. This should feel good, as you are making strong progress. But now, let’s start to really use those goals to understand ROI on your online and offline marketing initiatives.

Part 3: Learn in this video how to track both online and offline campaigns for rich analytics and well defined personalization.

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Do you have a PPC team (even if it is a team of one) that is placing paid search terms and/or ads on Google, Bing, LinkedIn or Facebook? If you do, you are hopefully able to see the metrics generated from their reports. What would make this more powerful:

  • If you could see this data as it relates to goals and engagements on your site at the page, action and customer level
  • That it relates directly to your engagement value scoring (EVS)
  • That you can access those reports instantly when you need them inside Sitecore

Online and offline campaign tracking in Sitecore delivers this and more. With some quick setup, you will start seeing valuable data that shows you not only the value of each campaign as it relates to your goals and EVS, but through taxonomy – which channels outperform others. As examples: Now you can see all the paid search channels and understand the best value for your dollar. You can understand if Email is producing more value than social or vice-versa. You can track your affiliate or content syndication efforts – and so on.

Examples of campaigns to track:

Online – Email, PPC, Social, Affiliate Marketing, Content Syndication, Other web property links, Blog, etc. If there is a URL, you can track it.
Offline – TV, Radio, Billboard, Magazine. Sitecore can track. Watch the video to learn how.
Thanks for reading/watching and please check back – I will build from here in my next episode: A/B & Multivariate Testing.
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