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Six Questions to Guide Your Personalization Strategy

Once your customer data is in order and you have the internal resources you need to incorporate build personalization into your marketing, you’ll need to decide which strategy best suits your business. (For more on this, read about the four strategies that make up the Personalization Spectrum.)
Creating and implementing these different levels of personalization rely heavily on knowing something about your target audience. Here are the six key questions to answer that will guide your team as you develop personalization strategies.

1. Who visits your site?

You want to identify user attributes so you can align them to established personas (if applicable). Then, determine the content and features to present that will support their interests.

2. What do your customers (or prospective customers) seek?

Once you understand the primary content your customer seeks, then you can provide supplemental content to support the overall experience.

3. Where are they coming from?

Using IP lookup and geolocation, you can quickly identify language preferences/defaults to immediately deliver a targeted experience based on the visitor’s location. Are referral sources coming from an established campaign or organic search?

4. When do they visit your site?

Geolocation can also help determine temporal factors, such as time of day. Answering “when” also refers to the buyers’ journey, so you can present the next level of information at the appropriate stage of the journey.

5. Why do they visit?

By mapping the who, what, where, and when to user stories, you now have context to understand why customers/visitors are engaging with your brand and how to make the experience better for them.

6. How do you drive them to the right experience?

Once you have data about individual users, you want to evolve the experience based on their engagement with your site. For example, if they search for a particular topic and then watch a video or download content based on that search, you can now start building a profile throughout the session and apply more sophisticated personalization techniques along their journey.
Once you’ve answered these questions and created a strategy, it’s time to execute. More on that coming soon!
Or if the suspense is too much, you can learn more in our guide.

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