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The Cloud is Attracting a Crowd

Every day, another company realizes the wisdom and value of moving to the cloud. Through the remainder of this decade, this trickle of digital transformations likely will become a flood, according to the media and marketing organization International Data Group (IDG).

The company’s recent survey of 900 decision-makers across the information technology landscape uncovered stunning projections through 2020 regarding cloud adoption. More than 70 percent already had at least one application or a portion of their computing infrastructure in the cloud, and among that group, over half were expected to make their infrastructures entirely cloud-based by 2018. This is up from 50 percent five years ago.

To initiate that shift, the surveyed companies each foresaw cloud expenditures in the next 12 months to exceed $1.6 million – a sizeable amount to be sure but one the survey participants believed was small compared to the near-term costs of not moving to the cloud. A majority of the companies already keep messaging, collaboration and file sharing there, but now they are starting to perceive greater value from relocating data storage and management applications, business and data analytics, and IT infrastructure management to the cloud as well.

You would think that IT departments are behind this timely surge. In fact, it’s coming from somewhere else – mainly, development operations (DevOps) – because the rising agile development movement is reducing the cycle time between software development releases. This movement puts pressure on enterprises to increase the speed and effectiveness of new app deployments. As a result, IT and DevOps are working together more closely than ever before and prodding each other to innovate faster.

Perficient’s extensive knowledge of and experience with cloud technologies have helped companies like the ones surveyed and many others accelerate their journey into the cloud. Our business value assessments provide tangible insights into cloud’s role in strategic business and IT plans. We reduce or eliminate potential obstacles by employing a broad range of cloud-centric services from conducting cloud innovation labs to architecting cloud infrastructure. We design cloud solutions that leverage a mix of capabilities and technologies best suited for your unique business aspirations and requirements.

Learn more about Perficient’s Cloud First, Business-driven mantra and download our Cloud First guides. You’ll find out why Perficient is a world leader in digital transformation consultation and uniquely positioned to push your cloud adoption plans forward.

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