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Eli Lilly Launched 50+ Apps On Salesforce

As one of Salesforce’s strategic partners, I’m glad to share the success Eli Lilly is having with the Salesforce platform. According to a press release that was issued by Salesforce, the pharmaceutical company has launched 50+ internal and external applications over the last two years.

TrialGuide is one example. The website, which is naturally mobile-friendly, allows users to learn about clinical trials, how to choose a trial, and what to expect, and then to find a trial that’s a good fit for them. Users can also read high-level overviews of completed trials.

Eli Lilly is known as an early-adopter when it comes to digital, so their extensive use of Salesforce to help meet the expectations of patients, physicians, and partners isn’t surprising. It simply reiterates the important role that digital plays in an industry that has historically only focused on beefing up their product pipelines.

“Patient expectations have changed dramatically in the last five years, and developing innovative medicines is no longer enough,” said Rob Brown, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at Lilly. “Today, patients want relevant and easily digestible information they can access when they need it most that will help them better understand and manage their condition. An app can be a great vehicle to help achieve this. With Salesforce, we’re planning for the future, developing technologies and apps that enable us to meet patients at a point of need, rather than at a point of request or requirement — on any device or channel.”

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