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10 Headlines That Suggest Donald Trump Is Good For Pharma

This year’s presidential election invoked serious fear in the pharmaceutical industry, with the cost of drugs taking center stage for a good portion of some candidates’ campaigns. While what candidates say they’ll do could very well be different than what they’ll try to do, their words and records are enough to push pundits, investors, and company executives to speculate on what’s in store for the industry.

If you’ve been wondering what Donald Trump as president means to pharma and biotech companies, many headlines suggest he would, in fact, be very good to them. More M&A, increased innovation, and a reformed FDA could result from his presidency. But, only time will tell.

  1. Trump presidency could prove a salve for pharma merger deals (Reuters‎)
  2. Pharmaceutical and healthcare stocks to benefit from a Trump presidency (Business Insider‎)
  3. Pharma Stocks Are Soaring After Donald Trump’s Victory (Fortune)
  4. Trump Victory Big For Biotech (Barron’s)
  5. Trump Election Upset Boosts Defense, Pharma and Private Prison … (ABC News)
  6. Donald Trump’s victory gives US drugmakers a tonic (Financial Times)
  7. Cramer turns bullish on drug stocks with Trump in the White House (CNBC)
  8. Drug industry scores with Trump victory (Washington Examiner)
  9. Trump’s brief medicines update sends tongues wagging at ‘FDA reform’ promise (FierceBiotech)
  10. BIO Loves Newt: A Backdoor Into a Trump Administration? (Forbes)

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