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Being a Digital-first Enterprise Means Being Mobile-first

We’re in the Digital Age. Mobile devices are ubiquitous, wireless networks are continuing to mature (LTE-M and 5G), and Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer just a proof of concept, as toasters, lights, door locks and refrigerators are getting their own IP addresses, talking to one another and to users.
This digital interaction with everything requires a mobile-first perspective, because customers are demanding access to data and functionality via their phones and tablets. Field reps push information straight to the home office; outside sales staff are enabled with a robust CRM in their pockets; automation reduces friction, which in turn meets the organization’s KPIs for success through cost savings and increased revenue.  
Many enterprises, even those that are tech heavy, are in a technological deficit. We humans think linearly, but technology advances at an exponential rate. This fact makes it very difficult to keep up with the digital landscape that is disrupting industries and companies, while displacing incumbents with new marketplace leaders.  
The most basic needs of today’s consumers — regardless of B2B or B2C — are not being met by many organizations; and if they aren’t providing a digital customer experience across all devices, their competition sure is.
These basics include responsive websites, mobile marketing and a DevOps strategy that includes mobile devices, whether that be BYOD or company-provided hardware. Having a digital initiative without mobile, without thinking about interconnectivity, puts organizations way behind the competition that’s paid down their technological debt and is investing in being a technological enterprise regardless of their industry. 
Companies don’t have to be early adopters that budget large sums of money for R&D, but companies in any vertical must think of themselves as technology driven. Cloud solutions, mobile connectivity, systems integrations, digital marketing, analytics and dashboards that make sense of all of the data are no longer “nice to have,” they’re “must haves” that help enterprises not get cannibalized by their competition and technological innovation. 

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Robert Echevarria

A true technophile, Robert Echevarria is immersed in the enterprise mobility space, which includes digital strategy, development, DevOps, automation, systems integrations and analytics. Being at the forefront of mobility, the Internet of Things, virtual reality, augmented reality, and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, fuels his hunger for learning and providing value in both personal and business relationships. B2B, B2C, or both: in today's hyper connected world, we're all H2H: Human to Human. There's a joy in making business connections and helping people thrive, while discovering friends throughout the journey.

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