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Will We See More Advertising From Pharma On Facebook?

Bayer recently launched its first Facebook ad. The ad also happens to be the first time Facebook has allowed a company to put important safety information (ISI) in a scrolling format, something that pharmaceutical companies have long been able to do in banner ads.

In addition, the social media giant is also enabling drug companies to block comments on pages that are used to market their own products, potentially minimizing the risks associated with reporting adverse events that have not been thoroughly vetted.

Facebook also continues to beef up their community pages by allowing pharmaceutical companies to sponsor them.

Advertising on Facebook has been a boon for companies like Johnson and Johnson, which has been using the platform for years to promote many of its consumer products. However, pharmaceutical companies have largely stayed away from Facebook because of the repercussions they could face from the FDA. In 2014, the FDA issued draft guidance, but has yet to provide any firm rules for companies to follow.

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Eugene Sefanov

Director, Industry and Regional Marketing

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