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Optimize Your Checkout for Better Mobile Conversion

In 2017, the twenty-billionth mobile phone will be sold. And last year, U.S. consumers bought $74.93 billion worth of goods and services via mobile devices, up 32.2% year-over-year. While this still only accounts for a quarter of all eCommerce purchases, retailers have taken notice and are investing dollars into their mobile strategies. And this includes making sure that the mobile checkout experience is a good one.
Mobile shopping cart conversion rates are 70% lower than desktop, which could partly be attributed to poor mobile user experiences. It’s a fact that we use mobile devices differently in our purchase process. A key to increasing mobile conversion is to find out what your customers are looking for when using mobile, identify the related pages, and optimize them using an adaptive design.
And responsive design is not the same as adaptive design. In responsive design, your website recognizes the device being used and changes the way the content is displayed to fit the screen size at a better resolution. On the other hand, a mobile-adaptive site is created and coded solely to present specific content to the mobile user viewing it.
To set yourself up for mobile commerce success, be sure to optimize your most important pages. Most content management system tools now offer the option of a mobile-optimized experience, so when selecting your next platform, be aware of your options to make the most of mobile.
To learn more about how mobile is impacting eCommerce, download our guide, Innovating eCommerce: Nine Top Trends for 2017.

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Noelle Reinhold, Marketing Director

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