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Interested in a Sitecore Family-Friendly Event at Symposium?

As winter is coming in Canada and there will be family fun in the snow, we have been brainstorming on the Sitecore Family-Friendly Conference and had some interest however not enough yet for a full conference. After looking a bit harder we realized that it is hard to do 2 conferences in a year and since families will be coming to Symposium anyway, why not start small?  Maybe we can arrange a family friendly event in Vegas.
It could be something small like a ride on the High Roller, or the New York Roller Coaster, a walking tour of the strip, the gondola rides or a dinner out.  The point is the families would get to meet and interact.
If you feel you would be interested in this let us know and any ideas you have for an event.
Mark Servais – @mservais
Akshay Sura –  @akshaysura13
Chris Williams – @sitecorechris
Corey Smith – @sitecorey
We look forward to seeing you in Vegas.

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