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Pharma Reps Continue To Struggle To Get Face Time With Physicians

A new study found that pharmaceutical sales reps are finding it more difficult to meet with physicians in person. Compared to 2008, when nearly 80% of physicians agreed to meet with most reps, now:

  • 44% of physicians are “accessible,” meaning they meet with more than 70% of sales reps who pursue them
  • 38% of physicians restrict access, meaning they only meet with 31%-70% of reps who pursue them
  • 18% of physicians have “severely” restricted access, meaning they meet with fewer than 30% of reps that pursued them

While access to physicians continues to decline, the study discusses the need to leverage an integrated marketing approach that is tailored to an individual’s communication preferences.

Today, non-personal communications, which include digital channels (e.g., email, mobile), make up 53% of a pharmaceutical company’s sales and marketing budget.

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Eugene Sefanov

Director, Industry and Regional Marketing

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