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Enterpise IoT – Considerations and Architecture,  1 of ∞


Welcome to the Internet of Things series aligning to Enterprise introduction of smart devices! Skipping the introduction to “What is IoT?”, as this has become a buzz word that has many meanings, and utilities, we will focus on the following foundation:

  • How to select hardware, protocols, and create a hub network to stream data
  • What will make it possible to collect device data streams in the enterprise
  • What can or will you do with that data that is collected?

 In this series we will focus on what an enterprise will need for Internet of Things implementation, and what really needs to be considered for respective platforms. Establishing a case for some industries will help drive a discussion, and allow for platform variations in the next posting of this series.

Talking points for next deep dive posting:

  • Insurance – Policy pricing based on Smart enabled homes, and vehicles.
  • Healthcare – Improving patient care through IoT Devices, and smart health tracking.
  • Commerce – Improve customer checkouts, and creating customer profiles from purchase history.
  • Energy – Monitor, adjust, and report energy usage in any environments.
  • Retail – Implementing NFC points for ad recommendations in stores, and mobile sales pushes with customer recognition
  • Smart Homes/Manufacturing/Transportation – Enabling homes, factories, and vehicles with smart sensors, and connections for communication

 Think about your vision. What is your primary goal? To achieve that goal what will you need to consider? Here is a universal list to check off, and what end to end would look like starting externally from the device itself. Each layer will be covered in detail with a respective post going forward.

Client Layer:

  • Devices, Hubs, and Interoperability
  • External Network – connecting to the edge later

Edge Layer:

  • Security
  • Protocol Selection and Data Streaming
  • API Management Platform

Server Layer:

  • Backend Infrastructure
  • Asset Management
  • Data Collection
  • Data Analysis, and Machine Learning1

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