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Ally Financial Placed 100 Pennies Worth $1,000 Each Across 10 Cities

Ally Financial, a top 25 U.S. financial holding company, launched a clever multichannel marketing campaign that aims to make consumers think differently about money. Ally placed 100 pennies in plain sight across 10 cities, each of which can be redeemed for $1,000.

The company developed a website that allows passersby to enter the code they find on the back of the pennies, in order to instantly find out if they won. The site also provides facts about pennies, along with hints on where to find them.

In addition to leveraging YouTube, Ally is using the hashtag, #AllyLuckyPenny, on Twitter and Facebook to promote the initiative and provide updates.

“We believe every penny counts when it comes to saving, and it’s important for everyone to understand that routinely saving, even the smallest amounts, is important to generating wealth over time,” said Diane Morais, chief executive officer and president of the Ally Bank subsidiary. “As a relentless financial ally for our customers, we focus on offering customers competitive rates and minimal fees as a way to help their money work harder and incentivize good savings habits.”

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