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Webinar: Increase ROI by Digitally Transforming Your Marketing




Successful digital transformations require evolution across all areas of the business in order to effectively engage customers at every touch point in the customer experience lifecycle. The evolution of the digital marketing landscape coupled with changing consumer behaviors requires companies to look beyond their traditional marketing methods to reach and engage customers and grow their business.

So, why is this so critical? For starters, customer experience today constitutes a life cycle, not just a single interaction. Now more than ever, companies must expand customer engagement throughout that life cycle, from consideration of a product to its purchase to the maintenance and loyalty around that product. And they must do all of this in ways certain to create personalized, memorable, and inviting experiences that keep customers coming back.

In our next Digital Transformation Series webinar, Increase ROI by Digitally Transforming Your Marketing, we will uncover how to increase ROI by digitally transforming your marketing strategy and operations. We will discuss common challenges and highlight proven strategies for success, and provide actionable insights for some quick wins. Additionally, you will learn how to:

  • Collect and leverage data to define your target market and business goals
  • Acquire new customers online with an enhanced customer experience across all relevant channels
  • Increase conversions and track results
  • Build loyal customers and turn them into brand advocates
  • Track metrics and sales funnels using CRM, marketing automation and analytics

Join us Wednesday, October 12th for this complimentary webinar. For registrants that are unable to attend the live event, presentation materials and the on-demand webinar will be emailed at conclusion of the live event. 

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