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A Unified Patient Platform – #DF16

Joshua Newman, Chief Medical Officer hosted the Health and Life Sciences kickoff keynote session at Dreamforce 2016 about how companies are using Salesforce to innovate, make decisions, manage patient and member journeys, and connect the entire healthcare ecosystem. There were a lot of people attending this session, which is an indication of the amount of interest in using Salesforce in Life Sciences and Healthcare.

The session started with a video from Eli Lilly about how they address patient journeys and Salesforce.  Eli Lilly created a concierge app and service in Salesforce to change the experience for people who rely on Lilly’s pharmaceuticals. It was cool to hear about this because I started my career working at Eli Lilly right out of college many years ago.

The single message of this session is that Salesforce Health Cloud is the unifying platform in healthcare.

Who uses Salesforce?  Pharma, Medical Devices, Payers and Providers have all found value in using the Sales cloud.  Over time, these organizations started to expand their use of Salesforce beyond just sales.  Now they are using all the Salesforce Clouds across the entire patient, member and customer journeys.

How can Health Cloud help the industry?  First, Healthy Habits can prevent lots of healthcare issues.  Half of all lung cancer can be prevented by healthy habits.  However there are lot of healthcare issues that may not be connect to healthy habits.  1 in 9 people over 65 has Alzheimer’s.  These patients and care givers need support.

Today care is often disconnected and care is not coordinated.  Health records really haven’t solved this problem.  We need to unify care around the patient.  At Salesforce, that means putting patients into Salesforce. This allows collecting and coordinating information for a patient.  On top of the data, Salesforce now has Einstein, Lighting and so many tools that help unify around a patient.

Health Cloud is built to implement these four concepts:

  • Connect patients and the health Ecosystem
    • Easter Seals is using the Health Cloud to receive a referral, to collaborate with other providers and payers.  It eliminates manual steps, paper copies and more.
    • In a new announcement, Health Cloud now provides care plan templates to make sure that care plans are coordinated across the ecosystem.
  • Build personalize journeys
    • There is now a focus on consumerism in Healthcare, so meeting the needs of members and patients during their journey is paramount. Salesforce Analytics helps Optum provide information to providers to better understand patient data.
  • Access care on any device
    • I mentioned Eli Lilly’s concierage service.  It works on all devices .  They also use communities,  CRM and many other Salesforce capabilities.
  • Get smarter and more predictive
    • Athena Breast Health Network’s Dr Laura Esserman worked to change the starting age of mammogram screening to save lives. She now uses Health Cloud to collect data from patient and then analyze it using Salesforce Wave.  Now Salesforce Einstein can be used to take this data and make predictions and recommendations.  This could include predictive risk scoring, recommending care plans, and automate messaging.



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