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Lose Financial Report Data? Try This Simple Fix!

As we all know P2T (production to test) copies happen frequently within a project timeline and after Go Live. Some files tend to ‘disappear’ or lose important data after a P2T. There are some simple fixes to this issue, with the first being that you need to start saving these files locally. If they are saved to the right folder, you are going to keep them. If you don’t you’re going to lose all your hard work…just like that. The Financial Reporting Studio is the best tool to use for creating high-quality, boardroom-ready reports. I’m sure you already knew that. But, have you ever gone in to review a previously finished/saved report after a P2T? Or do you always lose access? Well, there are a few steps you can try to fix this without having to start all over.

First, you want to check the database connection. If the connection has been changed, go ahead and change it to the correct connection. If your reports still won’t open, usually giving an error regarding an “unknown member in the Essbase” then there’s something else you can do to fix it.

  1. Open your desktop client of Financial Reporting Studio.
  2. Login, then locate the report you need to fix.
  3. Note that your accounts listed in each cell now show as some crazy mess of numbers. You know those aren’t your account numbers, so what’s going on?
  4. Even though it may seem tedious, all you need to do is re-add the accounts (members) to the desired cells.
  5. Save the report, then open in the Web view.

   Bad Accounts:

Good/Valid Accounts:

See? Now everything looks good and you don’t have some crazy mess of numbers showing as account numbers…and now you can easily open your reports to see them exactly the way you want them. Believe it or not, it took my team a good bit of time to figure this out, but that’s because it was something that seemed to be too easy of a fix. Hopefully you now understand the importance of saving your report to the correct folder so you don’t have to do this, but this will come in handy just in case. Hope this helps!

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