How Agile Cuts Development Costs

Continuous deployment and release are key components of the DevOps process, offering technology teams the opportunity to provide customers with the necessary updates and innovations to maintain customer satisfaction and interest. As this process becomes more rushed, organizations have become more interested in solutions that automate the entire process.

Having worked with numerous clients, we understand the value of automation, especially in industries like healthcare and finance where updates must be rolled out quickly to meet compliance requirements and customer needs. Automation not only saves money but also reduces the risk of human error, allowing for more efficiency, creativity, and business continuity. As competition for the next big application becomes more fierce, it behooves organizations to focus on what makes them great and not what holds them back.

In today’s world, automation also works well when combined with agile project management, rooted in project sprints, innovation, and delivery. With the cost of failed IT projects both expensive and costly to business survival, having the right tools is key in a competitive market.

Leveraging UrbanCode for Development Success

IBM / Red Hat - Unlock Potential App Modernization
Unlock Your Potential with Application Modernization

Application modernization is a growing area of focus for enterprises. If you’re considering this path to cloud adoption, this guide explores considerations for the best approach – cloud native or legacy migration – and more.

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One of the standout technologies in today’s crowded development world is IBM UrbanCode. Bolstered by automation features, the platform helps innovative organizations go to market faster while reducing human error and failure rates. UrbanCode can also help your organization deliver applications to other platforms including OpenStack, IBM Softlayer, Amazon Web Services, and VMware for extensibility and versatility. Organizations on legacy systems can even use UrbanCode, pairing the application with mainframe and database services to squeeze even more life out of their IT deployments.

If you’re a technology executive still sitting on the edge, you can even see how UrbanCode Deploy can impact your organization with IBM’s Savings Calculator. By answering 4 questions, you can discover the savings gained through UrbanCode Deploy through the amount of staff you have, average failure, success, and total executed deployments while getting a clearer picture of your development landscape. Who doesn’t like clarity?

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Want to see how your organization can benefit from a better DevOps strategy? Contact us at to set up a conversation with one of your sales specialists. You can also download our latest guide below to see how hybrid cloud can transform your organization.

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