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Magento + Adobe Announce Partnership and Integration Strategy

There was a buzz in the air at in Dallas this week with the announcement that Magento and Adobe are working to transform content and commerce. The two companies announced a joint collaboration that allows merchants to deliver a seamless, personalized customer experience across all channels to stay ahead of consumer expectations.
Perficient is one of a dozen hand-selected by Adobe and Magento, that have extensive knowledge and deep technology expertise focused on Magento and Adobe Solutions.  This union will help our clients engage with their customers across the digital spectrum and tie together messaging, promotions and content to conversion, shopping carts and checkout. The framework/connector provides components and APIs that can be extended, providing a complete shopping experience.  Clients will leverage AEMs robust capabilities to manage user experience while Magento 2 drives the commerce functionality. Our team at Perficient Digital will be focused on evaluating and creating the implementation plans for this pre-built integration framework when it is available later this year.
Rupesh Agrawal, general manager said, “With the growth of Magento, we see this strategic partnership accelerating the marriage between content and commerce. We expect that this will empower our customers to create and manage richer experiences, provide more personalization and real-time optimization based on analytics and insights and enable our customers to bring integrated fulfillment and customer engagement across all channels.”
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Beth Martin

I work with our emerging solutions practices to ensure we have a powerful marketing strategy, value proposition and lead the go-to-market streams for the emerging partnerships within Perficient. With over 20 years in B2B marketing focusing on software & consulting , I help businesses optimize go-to-market activities including but not limited to strategic planning, messaging, advertising, collateral, events and content.

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