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Deploying REST Based Web Services with SQL Developer

Last week at Oracle OpenWorld, I happened across a demo station related to Oracle REST Data Services.  While I have used Oracle Application Express (APEX) and its implementation of Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) previously to deploy REST based web services, this demo intrigued me since it was utilizing SQL Developer (version 4.1+) to do the building of the web service.  Being a TOAD user of many years, I often forget the feature set that Oracle continues to add to the SQL Developer platform and this seems to be one feature that I need to explore further.

What was interesting to me was the ease with which a web service could be developed, with support for creating REST based web services from SQL or PL/SQL via a wizard driven dialog.  Development and unit testing occurs fully on the client from within the SQL Developer tool along with the standalone web application server it deploys on the local host.

The fact that development of REST based web services can be developed and exposed without having to setup APEX is a very nice development that reduces the footprint complexity of basic deployments that have no use for GUI front end of APEX and simply require web service features.

It should be noted that production installation of ORDS requires the use of proper web application server product such as Oracle WebLogic, GlassFish or Tomcat.


Further information from Oracle on this topic can be found at as well as a step by step lab here.

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