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2016 Liferay Symposium – Customer Loyalty is Dead

Henry Nakamura, Senior Customer Experience Manager of Liferay, presented Liferay’s perspective on customer experience at the 2016 Liferay Symposium in the session “Customer Loyalty is Dead.”  The session focused on stressing the importance of customer experience and how Liferay can help you.

The amount of data available today drives impacts overall experience, not just price and quality of products and services.  A few interesting statistics are:

  • 62% of consumers have switched brands in the last year due to poor customer service
  • 89% will go to a competitor through poor customer experience
  • $82 billion in revenue is lost due to poor customer experience
  • 12 positive experiences are typically required to offset one negative one
  • 80% of all CEOs believe they deliver excellent customer experiences but only of customers 8% agree

Liferay provides several customer centric tools and capabilities to help organization focus on the experience.

  • Campaign Manager – allows you to create categories for targeting based on user behavior.
  • Single Customer View – A dashboard that gives administrators and users to see activities users are doing.
  • Geolocation – Allows promoting content by location.
  • Seamless & Consistent Omni-channel Experiences – Integrate multiple systems into a single customer experience.
  • Additional Capabilities include
    • Single Sign On
    • Push Notifications
    • Workflows
    • Persistent Session Data

The session also provided a couple of case studies from Volkswagen and NYU which highlighted how Liferay enables VW to enhance the customer experience in the sales process by providing digital tools for the salesforce and how NYU provides tools and services for students.

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