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[Infographic]: The History of Digital Experiences

How customers interact with their favorite brands has evolved over the past half-century. I know for me, the experience has been transformational in my lifetime alone. When I first started paying attention to branding and marketing at a young age, businesses who showed their phone numbers on their advertisements were savvy. Later on, that became the website and today it’s all about social sharing icons and links to customer communities.

With the launch of our new guide, Leveraging Portal Technologies to Meet Rising Customer Expectations, we wanted to show just how far brands have come. From the rotary telephones of yesteryear to the social media inbox of today, customer complaints and encouragements still remain the same, but the medium where these conversations have happened has changed.

Check it out in our infographic here.

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As digital experiences and customer feedback loops become more important between brands and customers, where do you think we’ll go next? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Albert Qian is a Marketing Manager at Perficient for our IBM PCS, DevOps, and Enterprise Solutions Partners focused on cloud computing technologies.

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