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Manage Administrator Profile Values: Troubleshooting in Fusion

The Manage Administrator Profile Values task in Setup and Maintenance is an excellent tool for troubleshooting issues throughout any of the Fusion applications. There have been several scenarios where access levels have been removed or a simple configuration may have been missing. For a majority of these scenarios, the answer was found in this task screen.

Allow me to list just a few examples of issues that were resolved by fixing setups in Manage Administrator Profile Values:

  1. When adding the ability for users to edit account strings in expense reports.
  2. When adding project details to a PO in Procurement.
  3. When a data access set and business unit have the same naming convention.
  4. When AR transactions do not have LOV of business units.
  5. When adding users to set the default Business Unit.
  6. Changing the Alias for segment values in Financial Reporting Studio.

Production to Test copies are meant for overriding incorrect data and configurations, but sometimes they wipe out more than intended. All of the examples I listed above were issues that occurred after a P2T and were issues that were very time-consuming to troubleshoot, but with the help of Manage Administrator Profile Values, the issues were resolved. Authorization Policy Manager (APM) is another good place to check for roles and access level issues, but sometimes they conflict with Profile Values set in the Manage Administrator Profile Values task. It’s best to check both areas to ensure all setups are correct based on the client’s requirements.

Profile Levels can be enabled for:

  1. Users
    1. Can specify only specific users to have access.
  2. Specific product
    1. Can specify the profile value for a product such as Expenses, Receivables, Purchasing, etc.
  3. Site level
    1. Can be set for site level so all users have the profile value.

The Profile Value should be set for the desired profile level then the specific profile value, which can be the data access set, access permissions of Yes or No, or can even be free form.

The main idea here is to inform you of the many setup options that are available in your Cloud instance that you may not have known about or thought to check. Most of the time the issue is not a bug, so let’s not bother Oracle Support with it unless we have exhausted all research tactics. Next time you have a setup issue, check the Manage Administrator Profile Values task first. You’ll be surprised at what you can find there.

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