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Sitecore Chris’ Symposium Journal – Day 3

As the sun rises on the final day of the conference, we awake knowing everyone will fly out and we will miss all our friends from around the world.  As Michael said after the Mardi Gras band played, the moment is gone either you cherished that moment or you missed it. My wish for everyone is that they cherish all the good moments and hold them close as an inspiration.  I also wish that the bad moments move quickly by and that they always lead to great ones. Now it is time to go down for breakfast.
The morning keynote was amazing. Learned a lot about gaming and the Pokemon Go Effect.  “The opposite of work is not play it is depression”
George and Tim’s presentation was the first to be 100% full so they had to close the doors and didn’t let anyone else in. Congrats to George and Tim.
If you could not get in and are interested in finding out more about what they were presenting email me at and I will make sure they know.
Hedgemau5 was awesome. I am a big fan but never realized that it was actually Sean Holmesby.
Coveo presented the new Reveal functionality and it was amazing.
The closeout featured some great acting.  Loved the experience.  I was featured in the closing montage for a good length of time wearing the ignition shirt.  Then was the announcement we were all excited about and waiting for …  Sitecore Symposium will be Oct 16-19, 2017 in Las Vegas.  Wonder if SitecoreBetty will get to go. See everyone there. Have a safe flight home.

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