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Embracing Order Management Technology


The focus on omni-channel order management is growing because more eBusiness professionals see order management systems as the cornerstone to their omnichannel initiatives. Order management systems (OMS) have been around for years and have been heavily adopted by manufacturers
(think B2B scenarios) to orchestrate complex order processing scenarios from the point of capture through the supply chain to the point of fulfillment. For online retailers, however, historically there has never been an overwhelming business case for investing in a robust OMS.

Fast-forward to present day, and order management solutions have evolved to support a complex set of omnichannel order fulfillment scenarios including ship-from store and store pickup. In addition, firms are increasingly relying on these systems to fill the role of the enterprisewide system of record for order data. This means that not only is the OMS acting as an order capture hub for online web, tablet, and mobile orders, but also for all sales that originate via the contact center, point of service (POS), kiosk, or field sales force.

Exceeding buyers’ omni-channel expectations requires a comprehensive approach – across processes, operations, technology investments, financial implications, and governance. While technology is the enabler, with eCommerce influencing and transacting over half of a company’s revenues, it is an essential component to delivering on a successful strategy. Applying order management and intelligent fulfillment to better enable a supply chain can seem daunting, and successful companies don’t attempt to go this alone.

To find out how you can implement flexible frameworks to better enable your supply chain, register for our upcoming webinar, in which we discuss key benefits of OMS, including:

  • Pre-built artifacts for solution design, detail design, and test cases
  • Simplified connectivity with an IBM ESB that enables various enterprise applications to seamlessly communicate
  • Rapid implementation using pre-defined accelerators
  • Quick delivery of the end-to-end solution to showcase value to your organization

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