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Digital Marketing

Digitally Transform Your Marketing for Higher ROI

We know that consumers and their preferences change from year to year. Whether slight variations or broad trends that transform the way businesses interact with customers, keeping up with these changes is imperative to successful marketing. And businesses that don’t adapt to these changes are in danger of being left behind.
This has led to a significant shift in spending from traditional marketing to digital channels. Data from CMO Survey confirms this move to digital, showing a consistent, double-digit rise in digital ad spend since 2012. And this trend is continuing, with a 13.2% digital budget increase this year.
digital vs traditional ad spend
With this increase in their digital marketing budget, marketers are looking for the most effective ways to spend their dollars that will result in the highest ROI. On October 12, our experts presented a webinar, “Increase ROI by Digitally Transforming Your Marketing,” where they discussed common challenges,  proven strategies for success, and actionable ideas for transforming your marketing strategy and operations. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to:

  • Collect and leverage data to define your target market and business goals
  • Acquire new customers online with an enhanced customer experience across all relevant channels
  • Increase conversions and track results
  • Build loyal customers and turn them into brand advocates
  • Track metrics and sales funnels using CRM, marketing automation and analytics


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Noelle Reinhold, Marketing Director

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