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[C2I] Countdown To Ignition Day 3 – Why it matters to us non-devs

Rick (@Sitecordial) here on Day 3 of #C2I to speak to the Marketers and Business decision-makers on the importance of Ignition.
I come from a long marketing background in both the traditional and digital space and I have had in-depth exposure to Perficient’s Ignition open source accelerator and I can confidently tell you that all my years of marketing experience could not prepare me for these Developer-focused sets of meetings. My head spun, just looking at the screens of pristine code, but quite frankly that does not matter. It is not my place to get in the way of what our experienced team has assembled, and if you are on the business side, you only need to have me boil it down to two very important words: Best Practices.
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Marketers hear this term all the time, but when it comes to the underlying framework for your critical digital marketing platform, you better believe this is the most important time to adhere to best practices! Allow me to metaphor-out for a second: This is the foundation of your building and this building can be assembled many different ways by all sorts of contractors. I have seen way too many bad foundations, and in many cases, as you might expect, the buildings needed to be torn down and bulldozed – only to start fresh. Ignition is the blueprint, drawn up by award winning architects that have seen projects done very right and very wrong. If you want to build a strong, useable platform hewn from solid development practices, ask your team to dig into GitHub and review our Ignition documentation.

It is very important to note, that all of the powerful marketing automation tools – goals, campaigns, testing, and personalization – that you expect from Sitecore could function poorly or simply not work at all without proper best development practices.

These best practices will be adhered to when using Ignition as your development sherpa. The marketing automation tools, code structure and content will have all the power to expand and bloom into everything you have come to expect from the award winning Sitecore Experience Platform.
If you will be in #NOLA for #SitecoreSYM, please stop by booth #217 in the Partner Pavilion on Thursday and Friday. Talk to the team that built Ignition and learn more about how your team can have a best-practice-head-start with Ignition open source accelerator.

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Rick Bauer, Senior Solutions Architect

As a 5-time Sitecore Strategy MVP and Senior Solutions Architect at Perficient, Rick provides insight, training, and a passion for a fully-realized potential of the Sitecore Customer Experience Platform and Content Hub. He utilizes his years of hands-on Sitecore know-how and certification to help deliver clear solutions and actionable results for marketers - both new to the platforms, or looking to take them to the next level of maturity.

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