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Making the Cultural Shift to Data-Driven Marketing

Actionable analytics are powerful for moving your business forward. In previous posts, we revealed the difference between vanity and actionable metrics and how to capture actionable metrics through five key features of an analytics platform.
However, making the shift to applying data-driven marketing goes deeper than implementing the right platform. You also have to align people and processes.
Many companies either stumble at this stage or completely overlook it. This step is crucial for success, so take time to gather the most pertinent business units, including marketing, sales, IT, and management, and obtain their buy-in before rolling out your strategy.
To ensure your strategy and analytics platform implementation are successful, here are the top three things you need to do.

1. Define your objectives

Identify actionable metrics that matter to your organization, such as lifetime customer value, total conversion value, or customer retention rates. The most important thing is for the marketing and executive teams to agree on these targets so the implementation is a success.

2. Assemble a dedicated team

If you don’t have a digital strategy team at your company, then now is the time to create one. This team should have clearly defined roles and include colleagues from across the organization. Ultimately, the team is responsible for planning and creating content deployed across digital channels, understanding and implementing analytics, developing and running tests, sharing lessons learned, and working closely with peers in IT.

3. Audit your current capabilities

How does your company use data today? Completing a thorough assessment allows marketers to identify gaps in infrastructure and how/where data is collected. The audit is the benchmark or blueprint for which to build your data-driven marketing.
Want to see how our clients are putting meaningful metrics to work in their organizations? Read more about their successes in our latest guide.

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