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Creating Connected Health Experiences with Boomi

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Healthcare organizations are always looking to innovate for the future, especially with many baby boomers hitting retirement age in the next couple of years. Having an integrated customer experience that enables healthcare consumers to be connected and informed about their care is absolutely critical, while leaders must be cognizant to link up legacy technologies with modern innovations.

Such was the challenge of a longstanding regional healthcare provider serving more than four million customers and over 65,000 physicians. The organization was seeking ways to connect legacy systems with their ERP, SaaS, and on-premises applications but lacked the cloud infrastructure to do so. Perficient was ultimately called in to design, implement, and execute upon Dell Boomi, an Integration Platform-as-a-Service solution. Additionally, our consultants also established best practices and standards with an internal Center of Excellence (CoE) so that future employees could have a solid understanding of the investment.

Ultimately, the integration will benefit the healthcare provider by unifying each of their systems together while enabling future scalability and cost savings. As healthcare costs continue to rise, this will be yet another win as the organization looks to continue operating at a healthy state.

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Tiffany Hulsey

Tiffany Hulsey is the Senior Partner Marketer for Perficient's Salesforce and MuleSoft practices. In addition to marketing, her background includes extensive experience with inside sales, where she was able to gain insight and align to many of Perficient’s portfolio of partners and teams.

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