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APIs in Healthcare: Deliver Better Patient and Member Experiences


As focus on digital continues to grow, organizations across industry must provide an omni-channel experience to remain competitive. For healthcare, an omni-channel experience also requires an agile response to patient and member needs in real-time.

With the proliferation of the Internet of Things, it has become easier to use Global wearables marketsmart phones, smart watches, and monitoring devices to track members’ activity habits. With that data, companies can provide special promotions to motivate members to increase their activity, thereby helping improve the health of members and saving on healthcare costs in the long term. A smart watch or monitoring device might help service providers collect more intelligent data about a patient and be able to provide personalized experiences more efficiently.

If we can find a way to track where patients or members go to eat by using location services on smart devices, it would be possible for healthcare organizations to provide special “eat healthy” discounts and promotions in the same stores at lower prices. This makes both members and health providers happy.


APIs create a more tailored customer experience across all devices while enabling more personalized care and service. According to Forrester’s recent report on the five core technology enhancements needed in healthcare marketplaces, “employing APIs for data exchanges and having a data services layer is crucial for many aspects of member journeys, as the ecosystem is becoming increasingly consumer-centric.” The more personalized and seamless the digital experience, the more users a service provider will have. The same goes for the digital experience created by healthcare companies on both the provider and plan side. APIs can deliver a personalized, customized, integrated experience throughout the patient journey.


Creating digital member journeys is just one of the healthcare challenges eased by API management that we explore in our guide, Digitally Transforming Healthcare with APIs. Download the guide for the other ways APIs are changing healthcare and get real-world success stories from industry leaders.

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