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12 Signs It’s Time to Retire Your Digital Marketing Platform

“Change is the only constant.” While Heraclitus, an ancient Greek philosopher, wrote these words thousands of years ago, they still hold true today – especially in the world of digital marketing.
Change is never easy, even when it can enhance your business. Several aspects to consider when adopting a new digital marketing platform (DMP) include:

  • Re-imagining how to develop and create content
  • Impact on customer interaction
  • Creating desired workflows
  • Integration with other systems in your company
  • Justifying the ROI to implement the new platform

Despite these challenges, the cost of not changing can carry a greater risk. When your DMP can no longer deliver the functionality and flexibility for your business to remain competitive, it’s time to take a second look at your legacy system and consider a change.
Here are the 12 signs it’s time to make a change:

  • Your platform can’t keep up with increasing customer expectations.
  • Your marketing team feels the pain of driving change to be more responsive and interactive with customers.
  • Your legacy platform can’t handle current needs or new demands.
  • Your system isn’t flexible enough to update content on the fly.
  • You have limited ability to analyze data to understand and better reach your customers.
  • You can’t easily integrate your platform with others, such as your CRM.
  • Your social media engagement isn’t in step with what your competitors are doing.
  • Competition is on the rise from other businesses, technologies, or products.
  • You need to optimize your site for mobile and video.
  • You’ve noticed a loss of customers, decreased web traffic and sales, or decrease in customer satisfaction scores.
  • Your business is changing and your digital marketing solutions can’t keep up.
  • You see opportunity costs of lost customer engagement.

Download the latest guide to learn more about these indisputable signs and how a platform like Adobe Marketing Cloud will help you deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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Stephanie Gallina, Senior Manager, Microsoft + CXC Partner Marketing

Stephanie has more than 15 years' experience in marketing communications, leading and executing marketing strategies for corporate and non-profit organizations. She elevates the awareness of relevant digital solution topics and thought leadership for Perficient.

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