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Implementation Partner Checklist

Checklists serve a variety of purposes and are widely considered a valuable tool to get things done.  Some checklists may guide you to complete tasks in a particular order, while others are intended to assist in making a decision. According to the Aberdeen Group, buyers in the discovery phase use checklists to help them better define their problem they are trying to solve.

If you have a project on the horizon and need to evaluate implementation partners, make a clear and extensive list of requirements to assist in your evaluation process.  Every company is unique, but there are some key questions generally applicable to most organizations.  The checklist below is intended to be a tool that you can use to aid in your search to find the right implementation partner for your needs.

The expectation is that you will modify and/or add to the list and make it your own.  What is important to you when choosing an implementation partner?   Maybe location is important to you – someone in your backyard? Please share your comments and add to the list to make it a useful tool for everyone!

1. Company

  1. Company size
  2. Company history and financial stability

2. Experience

  1. Domain Expertise in technology solutions and software platforms
  2. Customizations (development skills)
  3. Oracle Expertise – partner status, certifications and specializations
  4. Cloud Expertise
  5. Industry Expertise – business process experience across a variety of industries
  6. Consultants/Project Managers (years of experience)
  7. Offshore/On shore Model

3. Methodology/Best Practices

  1. Map your processes
  2. Does your vision align with the partner’s plan?

4. Multi-Pillar

  1. One or more pillar experience (independently versus at the same time)

5. Cultural Fit with Your Organization

  1. Team and resources
  2. Ask about fit during reference calls – how was the team, what were they like to work with, were they responsive?

6. References

  1. Number of implementations
  2. Track record (timely, efficient, successful completion of projects, service quality, responsive to customer needs, customer testimonials, success stories)
  3. Cloud and on-premises

7. Post-Implementation Support

  1. Knowledge Transfer
  2. Training
  3. Documentation
  4. Managed Services

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Susan Welton

Susan Welton is a Senior Marketing Manager at Perficient.

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