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Servicing Customers In Financial Services With CX Technology

It’s no secret that customer satisfaction scores go up when customers consistently get what they want. When they have unanswered questions about your products and services, they’re not likely to become your biggest cheerleaders. And, chances are that if your prospects find themselves with questions that can’t be answered, they’re not going to convert.

We see this all the time in banking. Visitors who use live chat for support are typically twice as likely to complete an application for a product, such as a loan, than those who don’t. Why is that? Immediacy is key. If you’re not there when they need you, they’ll go somewhere else where there’s help.

There are plenty of ways financial services companies can boost customer engagement, generate new business, and keep existing customers happy.

Can your customers search a knowledge base for answers? Can they book an appointment online and manage their account on a mobile device? How about use text messaging to find out balance information? Do you offer live text or video chat? With modern software, you have the ability to give the customer what they really want and expect in today’s world.

Join us for an upcoming webinar to learn how you can meet the high customer expectations created by companies like as through the use of Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Policy Automation (OPA). To get a real taste of what can be done with this technology, we’ll even provide a live demonstration of using these solutions for loan applications.

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