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What does Digital Transformation mean to the intranet?

Many organizations are talking or in the process of implementing Digital Transformation initiatives, and we at Perficient are one of the top consultancies delivering Digital Transformation services to our customers, so how do we define Digital Transformation? If we take a look at the dictionary definition of the words we have:

dig·it·al – involving or relating to the use of computer technology
trans·for·ma·tion – change in form, appearance, nature, or character

in combination we can think of Digital Transformation as:

Digital Transformation – involving or relating to the use of computer technology to effect the change in form, appearance, nature, or character various aspects of business

Or, put simply Digital Transformation is the application of technology to simplify processes, integrate systems, enable a workforce to be more productive, and drive a better customer experience resulting in a more profitable business. Digital Transformation encompasses all aspects of the business and speaks to the advance of technology from the cloud, to the mobile workforce, to the Internet of Things. One area that has benefited greatly from the trend of Digital Transformation is the corporate intranet.


At one point even this was high-tech.

In the olden day (around 10 years ago, an eternity in the tech world) the intranet was often an after thought, a link farm slapped together by a few folks in IT and published out to the organization. Rarely were there discussions of Information Architecture, User Experience, Governance, or any of the myriad topics that are considerations in intranet deployments today. Today intranet’s are seen as a necessity and have the ability to drive significant value within organizations. Intranets enable core aspects of Corporate Communications, Human Resources, collaboration, document management, legal discovery, workflow, automation, data analytics, and much more. As your organization is considering your Digital Transformation strategy, your intranet should be one of the first places you look to deliver value.
Let’s look at some common ways to drive Digital Transformation for and through your corporate intranet.

  • Mobility – enable your distributed, connected workforce to access content anywhere and on whatever device
  • Collaborate – provide tools that enable open and transparent collaboration.
  • Personalize – provide each user with a personalized experience targeting the information they need, when they need it
  • Discovery – make content easily discoverable through well designed information architecture, navigation, and taxonomy
  • Automate and Integrate – automate business processes and integrate your disparate systems
  • Analyze – log and capture data and provide analysis tools to enable business decisions based on real-world data
  • Adapt – don’t be static, evolve and adapt to your changing enterprise but employ organizational change management to ease the transition
  • Partner – multiply your team through partnership with solution providers to drive more value, faster

Perficient is a leading provider of Digital Transformation services and we have built Rise to enable organizations to realize Digital Transformation through the intranet. Deployed as a service Rise addresses many of the challenges of Digital Transformation out of the box. Rise enables organizations to accelerate the deployment and adoption of their SharePoint based intranet and leverage the power of their Office 365 investment more effectively.
Learn more in our latest guide: Accelerate Your SharePoint Intranet with Rise.

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