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R11: Cloud ERP – Payment Processes 101 (series: 1 of 10)

Your company decided to use a new checking account for AP payments.  Now, the new bank account needs to be added to Oracle Cloud ERP.  Where to start? Over the upcoming weeks, I will be writing about the system configurations required for adding bank accounts for use in Accounts Payable Payments in Oracle Cloud ERP.

In Oracle Cloud ERP, all system configurations are conducted through the Functional Setup Manager (FSM).  Within FSM, Implementation Projects can be created, which are collections of system tasks.  Implementation Projects are very useful because they can be created to contain a set of tasks used for a specific purpose – even in a specific order.

Implementation Projects can be created for maintenance activities that occur regularly in systems, such has adding new users, new legal entities… and adding new bank accounts!

First, navigate to FSM by clicking on your user name and selecting Setup & Maintenance. Then, click on Implementation Projects.


Click on the Create plus symbol to create a new project.


Enter the Name of your project.  Code and Description will fill in automatically. You have the option of assigning the project to a specific user if desired in the Assigned To field.


Click the Save and Open Project button.  At this point, your project has no tasks.


To add tasks, click the Select and Add icon.


From this window, you have the option to Search by either Tasks or Task Lists. Select Task Lists.


The Task Lists to be included for adding a bank account are:

  • Define Disbursements
  • Configure Payment Connectivity
  • Set Up Banks, Branches, and Accounts


Search for these and select Apply.  When all three have been added, click Done.

Finally, click Done to complete your project.


The Implementation Project now has all the tasks that need to be configured for a new bank account.  An Implementation Project helps narrow down your list of tasks to perform – making FSM much easier to navigate.

In the next posts, I will focus on the individual tasks from the project to be completed to add a new bank account.

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