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Teaching Oracle Service Bus 12c – Admin, Design & Integrate

We’re nominally signing up for an October 10th, 2016 class to teach Oracle Service Bus 12c: System Admin, Design & Integrate Accel Ed 1 in our offices in Houston, TX at the Galleria mall offices.

What does “nominally” mean? It means that we register the class with Oracle University and if enough students sign up, I’ll teach it. If there isn’t enough interest, it will be canceled.

So far this year, I’ve taught the Oracle SOA Building Composite class twice and the response was very positive. If you’re using Oracle SOA Suite, then this class is the next step in your education.

I’ve been wanting to teach Oracle Service Bus as it is a component near and dear to my heart. So aside from the content taught by Oracle, I’ll be adding in tidbits of my own gathered from my years of experience using it.

This is a 5 day course so you’re covering all the basics for development of OSB, plus the key administration pieces. Here’s a snippet from the Oracle University site:

This Oracle Service Bus 12c: System Admin, Design & Integrate Accel Ed 1 training is a bundled course comprised of Oracle Service Bus 12c: Design and Integrate Services and Oracle Service Bus 12c: Administration courses. Explore how Oracle Service Bus can help your enterprise integration without having to write your own integration logic for every application.

Learn To:

  • Use Oracle Service Bus 12c to make services interact in a decouple manner.
  • Overcome the challenges of location transparency.
  • transport protocol mediation, message validation, message routing, message transformation, message enhancement and security in an integration project.
  • Implement enterprise-quality message flows with Service Bus 12c.
  • Install and configure Oracle Service Bus 12c.
  • Manage and maintain services hosted through Oracle Service Bus 12c.
  • Administer different components by using the Service Bus Console and Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control.

Additional topics I’ll talk about will include pipeline templates, project configuration using XQuery variables and centralized logging and error handling.

If your organization is using, or is thinking about using Oracle Service Bus, this will be a great class.

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