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The Beauty of Personalization (When It Hits the Bulls-eye)

Over the past decade, personalized marketing has evolved rapidly, and marketers are seeing the benefit. Results include increased conversion rates and sales, greater customer loyalty, and even smarter spend of marketing dollars.

Companies that have implemented personalization report a 14% uplift in sales
Econsultancy / Adobe, 2014

Targeting your customers with a personalized experience removes the “noise” and surfaces relevant information faster – with the goal of adding value to your customers’ daily lives. As consumers, we’re giving companies the opportunity to create this experience through our smartphones, wearable devices and more.
One of my favorite retailers recently caught my attention at just how well they’re personalizing their content and messaging. I frequent the store once a week to purchase a range of items – from grocery and health/beauty to baby items.
On every trip, I use the retailer’s discount offer app. Between the data gathered from redeemed offers to items purchased on every visit, this retailer has a lot of information about me.
What’s more is that I know the store tends to run sales on bigger items – like strollers – and I’ve been in the market for a new one to accommodate my growing toddler. So, I’ve been visiting the website to research different brands, read reviews and keep a close eye on sales.
When you consolidate all of this, the store has a pretty rich profile on me to send targeted e-mails that will either: 1) get me to return to the store, or 2) help me pull the trigger on purchasing a stroller.
Just last week I received an email that contained all of the following messages. The subject line hooked me: “Get Baby movin’ with sweet deals on gear, carriers & more.” Naturally, this got my attention because I’m looking to buy a baby stroller, right? But then as I scrolled, I saw there was more!
The content of the email also targets the regular weekly (or bi-weekly) purchases I make – formula, diapers, baby food, etc.

As I neared the end, this was at the bottom of the message:

I had forgotten that I had looked at and planned to purchase some swim gear for my son, prompting me to get online and buy them immediately, or look for these items on my next visit to the store.
When executed well, personalization can add value to your customers’ life. For me, this example is a clear signal that this retailer is aware of my preferences, and understands that as a busy mom, I appreciate being alerted to new deals on items I regularly buy. It’s a time saver!
How is your business targeting customers through personalization? Whether you’re thinking about it or just getting started, our guide reveals how to advance your marketing along the Personalization Spectrum.

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